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Helios is currently the most nominated suppliers of TPU tapes to many reputed buying houses globally. Our TPU Tapes have good endurance and elasticity.

Helios has its own state of the art TPU extrusion plant and manufactures one of the finest qualities of TPU Tapes available in the market. The TPU Tape is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane which is absolutely non-toxic, recyclable and easily decomposable. We also have pre-wound TPU tapes for easy usage in machines. We are also in the process of developing colored TPU Tapes for various usages. TPU tapes are suitable for use in reinforcing cut or sewn knit clothing and as stretch tapes in garments.

Our products meet international standards as we source only the best quality raw material from certified companies in the world. We are in fact looking forward to soon receive the OEKO TEX Certification for our TPU Tapes.  We manufacture all types and sizes of TPU tapes in good quality. Quality is monitored and tested at each stage of production by trained engineers. Applications of TPU Tapes are for men’s & women's wear, swim wear, undergarments, diapers, medical & industrial masks etc.


TPU tapes are kind to the skin and are used in fashion textiles, they give good body control combined with freedom of movement and style.

TPU tapes are designed to eliminate the need for elastics used in intimate apparel and performance wear.  These tapes offer the best recovery and extended wear performance while still maintaining the sleek and smooth aesthetics. Helios brings in valuable and authentic introspection based on years of industry and market experience


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